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Whew! So, it's almost already Christmas, already!. I am almost done with my internship and can't wait for the 25th. Actually i can wait,because i know that after Christmas, ugh! it becomes January again.Very Fast.I wish everyone who reads this the best of the season.For Myself, i want the techiest christmas ever.I'm going to eat a lot of Ruby and Python. :) One word for the season. No, two words. GET GOALS!.

P.S :Been using the two pics above on all my social media accounts.i just love them!


Do you recognize that cute little bump? Yes you do!. Beautiful and Pregnant, all at the same time.Larikraun is one of the few hotties who combine the two.Perfectly.Okay. You totally have to forget the last 30 words before "Okay". I so didnt mean that .This diva is a friend i recently made who is one of the baddest (forgive my language) programmers you might ever meet.Always positive and contagiously-confident, she is one of the few people i really admire.Follow her on @_larikraun on twitter to learn more.

TENT 2013 ! with @GBENGASESAN.

These days i just blog about events,but, what can i say?. I was present at the TENT 2013 Gathering. It took place at the  Lagos State E-learning Centre located on the Island. Let me explain, T for TECHIE , E for ENTREPRENEURIAL, N for NIGERIAN and T for TALENTED. So you get the point. Anchored by Paradigm Initiative's CEO  Gbenga Sesan, it was well,nothing short of immensely-awakening/inspiring/wonderful. I don't want to talk about the cool network i had a chance to create, or the mind-blowing ideas flying around,or Mario Valle Reyes, Pat Utomi, Tomi Davies, Oreoluwa,...(okay the list is endless) . Follow the Hashtag #tent2013 on twitter to get details.This time my school, UNN was second runner up of #clashofthecampuses (on twitter).TENT 2014 will hold at Benin. Plan to be there. More details on that when i get more . :)


Okay its just this.I'm starting a new blog that i hope will kick off my writing career. No more sitting around waiting for some publisher.For those who love to read this would be..well good news i hope.when?..right away.I start as soon as i type the last word!.Check back for the address! ciao!

IBM Lasgidi Hackathon..Was there!.

Hmm Saying it was fun is just a gross understatement.Been out for a while (internship -busy) so i couldn't really blog.Anyways i was at the IBM Lasgidi Hackathon which took place in Lagos Nigeria from 21st to 24th October 2013(this year). At Cchub Yaba to be more Specific. I got to go with my colleages/fellow interns and got to meet some of the world's smartest people(no kidding!). For those who are not aware, a hackathon is an event where computer programmers meet and compete for a prize(or prizes) by developing a software,service(..e.t.c). I loved Every minute trust me...And by the way, my team didn't win any of the three prizes. But..that's ok i'm over it now.....I met some new friends and hmm well..some new friends!


not necessarily in any order though...i love these three.Chinua Achebe's -ARROW OF GOD never really leaves my mind.Read WATCHERS(Dean Koontz) and be wowed......i want to be like Chimamanda-actually i want to be better-.PURPLE HIBISCUS still does it for me.


One of Nollywood's original whom i truly admire(beginning from when i watched 'stolen bible'),...Kate Henshaw just yesterday launched her own book titled...The World of an Actress:My Story.i can't wait to read it.....


Okay i'm back..been busy actually.i just want to say have you ever experienced the joy only a computer can give? No...? you have got to be kidding.But just so you know,programming is so much's not a guy-thing like most people think. By the way these are definitely not  pictures of


for some months now...nigerian universities have been on holiday..'they' called it a strike..i'm still a student..and i just wish it would end..already....The Asuu Chairman has declared that the strike would not be called off just yet until the Federal ...hmmm

Yes! She's Female and yes...that's her real face....:)

..came across this on a website and thought i'd share....her name is Yulia Viktorovna Vins.Russian,and 17......
i'm officially amazed....