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So i walk into a room. My Host had been having a party of sorts and halts the ongoing discussion in order to introduce me. Oh, by the way, I am a single Lady of 30; desperately searching for that tall(or not so tall anyway), dark other that would decorate my fourth finger with a precious stone(or steel; at this point, i don’t really mind). Anyway, this host of mine does the “meet X”s and i do the proportional “…Nice meeting you, X”s, at the same time mentally putting all the fine males in the room through my eligibility/suitability test. My hungry eyes rest on one of them. From all outward indications, he fits my ideal husband image like the tight pink dress i bought at SED mall last Saturday fitted me.  My host notices my ‘inspector duties’ and quickly bursts my very colourful hope balloon.

“Forget it. He is married. Happily” That should be a deterrent i guess. But, what happens is that i realize my subject now has added radiance. A glow i didn’t notice on first appraisal appears, and,…


What came over me? No. Seriously, something did come over me. The problem with me is you.Really it is. I didn’t know what i was doing. I’m sorry. I wasn’t thinking. It was the devil! No, God! He gave me an F.
We are familiar with that part of us that relegates blame to some seen or unseen third party right? Perfect. I want to do a cute little talk on it. As some of my more assertive friends would say, ‘let us thrash this matter’, or at least, let us try to. There’s almost always no harm in trying out stuff(unless by trying out stuff, you mean trying out poisonous substances, or trying to see if a concentrated acid bath would do what it is said to do- in which case i cannot really assure you that there is no harm in trying- or other downright dangerous escapades)


The first time i actively discussed this particular topic was some months ago during my internship when my fellow intern (name withheld J) proposed a theory. Which is not in any way new, i must add. “We should all t…


To be honest, i think this post smacks of narcissism. Still, i like to write. So, why not write about something i can completely relate to as opposed to some alien abstract theory i am supposed to be able to relate to?  Sometimes, when people tell me my teeth is white, and they like that, he shakes his head. He tells me that what they really mean is that i am quite dark in complexion, and the contrast between my skin colour and teeth colour creates an illusion of the teeth being whiter than it actually is. “This, my dear is what they mean, they just don’t know it”. Even he says this, i tell him “you are over analyzing again. Just accept the compliment and leave it at that” He nods and doesn't.
Introducing, (a round of applause for this gentleman please) the guy in my head. For purposes of this discussion, let’s call him Parano. Yes, Parano would do. ‘Parano’ is a ‘subset’ of 'paranoia', and the latter fits this context almost perfectly.

Meet Parano. Apparently, his abode …