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I'm a case study but i'm not going to use myself. Lets use a hypothetical Anna. Anna is an 18 year old girl who is obsessed with drama, movies and acting. Basically, she loves to act. Maybe her favourite types of movies are Hollywood's,maybe its Nollywood's, Irregardless. The point is, Anna watches these movies, her laptop in front of her, with an intense mind and an Error-spotting eye. She knows Henry did not properly depict a broken-hearted man. She cannot believe that anyone would choose Roku for that role.She (Roku) sucked at it.
All i'm trying to say is Anna had talent and she knew it.What does Anna do...Probably think "I'm better at

 this than they are" ..whenever she watches a movie and envy the stars whenever she watches the"Red carpets" and "Oscars".

Hey Anna, you've got YouTube. It doesn't matter if you are studying Mathematics and doing a thesis on Stochastic Processes. You can start filming today.You can have your own channel, film,act and simply do what you always wanted to do.Plus, on YouTube you have a wide range of audience ,international audience.Anna, i would recommend you tried that out for a start.All you need is a camera.Upload videos.Publicize them on social media and Baby, you are so on your way to the top.Trust me!
P.S: We refuse to be just among the YouTube watchers but +1 being in the Content Creators. Right?!


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